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Anthony Giddens: The Mistakes about Green Growth

Created on 23 May 2011
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Renowned Sociologist Lord Anthony Giddens, known for his seminal work on Climate Change, cautions that the way towards green growth is obstructed by the lack of understanding of mechanisms behind it. ”At lot of mistakes are being made at the moment by the people speaking about green growth”, he says, pointing out four areas of inadequacy or mistakes.

Giddens argues that we do not really know that what a low-carbon economy will be like. According to him, our current understanding of such an economy lays too much emphasis on technology and we need to invest more in political, social and economic innovation.

Giddens' speech was the keynote address at Northern Europe's biggest annual clean tech event, World Climate Solutions 2010. The conference and exposition was arranged by Scandinavian think tank Monday Morning and NIDAB Networking.

More info: greengrowthleaders.org
Produced by: Mandag Morgen (Monday Morning)
Year: 2010
Language: English



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