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LIFE: Lake Mikri Prespa

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Created on 28 May 2009
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Full title: Lake Mikri Prespa: Conservation of priority bird species in Lake Mikri Prespa, Greece. Lake Mikri Prespa is part of the Prespa National Park and of the transboundary Balkan Prespa Park set up in 2000 by Albania, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, and Greece. The lake has been classified as a wetland of international importance under the Ramsar Convention and has been designated as a special protection area under the EU Birds Directive. The region boasts the world's largest breeding colony of Dalmatian Pelicans and the EU's biggest colony of Pygmy Cormorants. However, poor management of the lake water level, which outflows into Lake Megali Prespa, and the lack of vegetation management (reedbeds) have significantly degraded the birds' nesting and feeding grounds, as the surface of wet meadows has been reduced. This video was produced during the LIFE project: LIFE02 NAT/GR/008494.

More info: LIFE or SPP
Produced by: LIFE
Year: 2007
Language: Greek



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