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Adapting the Invisible Uitility: Connections and Threats

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Created on 27 October 2011
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Full Title: Adapting the Invisible Utility- An Interview with Pat Mulroy, Southern Nevada Water Utility

Pat Mulroy manages water over a vast piece of real estate in the southwestern United States. But — as she will quickly make clear — there isn’t a lot of water there. There never was much water there, in fact. As a result, the cities, farms, and factories spanning the greater Colorado River basin have learned to live with less. The best of them have also learned to be efficient and smart in their growth. But the past twelve years have either been a drought or the start of a new normal, where only a few inches of rain each year became even less. That’s the threat.

As a result, the region whose water is governed by the Southern Nevada Water Authority that Pat manages has had to look beyond its borders for allies and cooperation. The stability, security, and growth of economic engines such as Las Vegas depend on these alliances. Those are the connections.

In the first of three videos presented here, Pat discusses the actual and virtual basin where southern Nevada is embedded. 

Watch Part 2 of the interview: Institutions and Infrastructure, and
Part 3: Consensus and Economics

More info: http://adaptationaction.org/
Produced by: Conservation International
Year: 2011
Language: English



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