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Created on 16 November 2011
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Solar Water Pump - Water Well Pump NSP: This Solar Powered Water Well Pump is maintenance-free, saltwater-resistant and enables you to pump water out of water wells easily, for free, efficiently and up to a depth of more than 150 metres. Furthermore, the "NSP-Solar Water Pump" systems gives you the opportunity to replace already existing and installed water hand pumps or windmill water pumps - as you can find in rural and remote areas. And to reduce the water shortage in Africa, Australia, America, Asia and Europe. RURAL WATER SUPPLY PUMP-SYSTEM This "Solar Water Well Pumping System" is an ideal tool for the water well construction / drilling anywhere on earth (see Solar Energy Map), specifically for: - Aid Charity Help Relief Organizations and Associations ( for Sustainable Development Aid, Water Supply in Rural and Remote Areas) - Companies (for Resale, Distribution, Construction of the System) - Private Persons (for Water supplies, Irrigation- Desalination Plants) DRINKING WATER & SALT WATER The NSP is, however, also a solar salt water pump which has been devised to deliver drinking water out of deep wells as well as to pump salt water. Thus, it can be used both to supply drinking water and to pump salt water out of confined ground water wells in saliniferous regions. Moreover, the pump can be used in combination with a desalination plant. IRRIGATION In addition, the solar water well pump has been devised specifically to use in remote, arid and rural areas. It enables irrigation and thus fertile land, livestock breeding and the cultivation of grain in regions which would be infertile without water out of deeper layers. SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AID: WATER IS LIFE The NSP Solar Well Pump is the optimum solution for aid organisations with a focus on sustainability. With the pump, it becomes possible to offer sufficient and constant water supply to the populations of remote, rural areas. Self-supply is thus achieved for the people who get access to the vital elixir: water. This leads to a better life and promising future for them. ABOUT NSP NSP-New Solar Pump e.U. is an Austrian enterprise specializing in developments which make use of power from renewable energy sources. We are looking to the future and bridge a considerable gap in the market. You want to be independent from all electric power supply? -- Then the "NSP-Solar Powered Pump" is exactly the right thing for you. "NSP-Solar Pump" is the most futuristic "Solar Water Well Pumping Station". The water pump stands out due to its independence from power of non-renewable and thus cost-bound energy. Moreover, it is maintenance-free. The "NSP-Solar Water Pump" was developed to provide you as well as companies and relief- aid- charity- and help organizations with a low-prized opportunity to pump water out of water wells entirely independent of any electric power supply.

More info: www.newsolarpump.com
Produced by: New Solar Pump
Year: 2011
Language: English




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