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How does the Groasis waterboxx work?

Created on 03 April 2012
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The Groasis waterboxx is an instrument that supports plants and trees in order to survive in difficult circumstances without using any groundwater or electricity. The instrument collects water by catching rainwater and producing and catching water from condensation. It subsequently distributes over a long(er) period the collected water to the tree placed in the centre of the waterboxx. Furthermore it stimulates the capillary processing and the prevention of evaporation of groundwater, steadies the temperature around the roots, fights competitive weeds near the planted tree, as well as prevents the damage by rodents. In this way the Groasis waterboxx stimulates an optimal growth of the planted tree.

More info: http://www.groasis.com/en/technology/principle
Produced by: Groasis
Year: 2010
Language: English



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