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De l’eau pour Nouakchott / A myriad of water supply structures

Created on 17 April 2012
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Nouakchott is a city like no others. Built in 1957 as political capital of Mauritania it became a growth nuclei for all Mauritanian living in the desert. Especially during the droughts of the seventies and eighties herds of people fled to the new capital. As basic infrastructure development of the city could not keep pace with this enormous flow of people, water and sanitation problems became key problems. Even up to today inhabitants of Nouakchott face water and sanitation issues every day. Even after the ambitious water pipe line project, bringing water from the Senegal river, with a 200 km pipeline, to Nouakchott water problems remain. 

In 2009, eauservice, the water utility of the city of Lausanne, partnered with the “Communauté Urbaine de Nouakchott” to improve access to water for disadvantaged populations in the city of Nouakchott. A first project was launched from October 2009 to March 2011 and reached 17’000 beneficiaries with safe access to water. The main actions were: extension of the water system, rehabilitation and connection of water points, purchase water trucks and sewage truck, and the development of an awareness campaign on issues related to water. A new three years project was launched in November 2011. 

More info: http://www.lausanne.ch/eauservice 
Produced by: CUN and eauservice Lausanne
Year: 2011
Language: French and Arabic



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