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Created on 29 May 2012
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Reasons & Realities (5:35) The persistent push to build a peripheral canal continues to amaze. Why? Because In spite of California's budget mess, the Brown administration seems intent on going forward with the plan to move the Sacramento River around the Delta. It would be a massive engineering project estimated to cost $14 to $40 billion dollars. Reason & Realties is the first video in a continuing series on the Peripheral Canal from Salmon Water Now. There is a growing understanding that the project is bad for the environment and bad for California's fiscal health. We'll leave it to those who think it's a good idea to try and justify it. There are good reasons why voters, decades ago, refused to fund and build a peripheral canal. This video looks at the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP), which has become the method to make the Peripheral Canal a reality. We include a few short clips from a 1982 Metropolitan Water District slide show in support of a YES vote for the canal, as an added bonus, It's time be reasonable about California's water challenges, and fiscal realities. We're going to keep using video to make the case. Here's the first one: Reasons & Realities (5:35)



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