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Created on 03 July 2012
Making Networks Work
(Media / Making Networks Work)
Water Resource Management is a multi-faceted, multi-disciplinary undertaking. It has to do with a...
Rice Advice: Land Preparation
(Media / Rice Advice: Land Preparation)
How does land preparation and water management affect crop establishment, weed management and rice...
Nahem: Protecting Wells and Water (Arabic)
(Media / Nahem: Protecting Wells and Water (Arabic))
Qat is grown over large areas in Yemen’s Sanaa Basin. The crop is highly water-intensive and has...
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A broad coalition of organizations is insisting that policy come before plumbing when it comes to talking about the peripheral Canal. In it, they ask 7 questions that they would like Governor Brown to answer. The proposed canal would divert the Sacramento River before the river's water could flow through the San Francisco Bay Delta estuary,so it can be pumped to the industrial-corporate farms on the West side of the Central Valley. Salmon Water Now urges that policy be developed before any further moves to build this additional and costly new plumbing system. Watch the video, then let the Governor know that you are waiting for his answers.

More info: http://salmonwaternow.org/
Produced by: Salmon Water Now
Language: English
Year: 2012



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