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Murray River 1914 in a true Australian drought

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Created on 07 August 2012
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An interview with the last remaining person alive in a historical photo taken at Koondrook near Barham of a group of people in horse and carts having a New Years Day picnic on the bed of the Murray River 1st January 1914.

Ian McDonald then was a 2 month old baby and lived on the property "Riversdale" at Myall along side the Murray River recounts his experiences about the droughts of 1940s and his parents stories of the 1914 and 1902 droughts and how the river would always stop running during a drought.

His view is that if it was not for the dams upstream storing and releasing water during a drought, the Murray River would stop running during every drought and this would be a normal occurrence in Australian rivers.

More info: http://midstatevideo.com/index.html 
Produced by: Vince Bucello 
Year: 2011
Language: English



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