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Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting

Created on 12 September 2012
Recharge well - Rainwater harvesting for aquifer
(Media / Recharge well - Rainwater harvesting for aquifer)
Recharge wells can pick storm water and send it to the aquifer. This can mitigate urban flooding,...
Rainwater Harvesting in Nepal
(Media / Rainwater Harvesting in Nepal)
In Nepal it is difficult to have access to safe drinking water due to water crisis. This video...
Ecosan - Pune district Maharashtra
(Media / Ecosan - Pune district Maharashtra)
Sourabh Phadke has built this beautiful Shendriya Shouchalaya in a village in Pune district. More...
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This presentation highlights the water crisis being faced in India. Using the example of the city of Pune, it presents some interesting statistics and provides one (of the many) solutions to ease this problem. Parjanya is an NGO that been operating since 2003 in the field of Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting in Pune. Run by Col Dalvi, it aims to promote conserving rainwater to ease the water problems faced by an ever increasing population in India Film created by Rohan Dalvi Music "everyday" Carly Commando Film created for Parjanya rooftop rain water harvesting consultancy



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