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Created on 18 September 2012
Groundwater in deep hardrock fissures
(Media / Groundwater in deep hardrock fissures)
This camera work is thanks to Mr P. Ganesh of Ayyappa Aqua Solutions . Here we see how fissures in...
Community driven IWRM South Africa
(Media / Community driven IWRM South Africa)
This video shows examples of projects where a community driven approach is used in Integrated...
Rock catchments
(Media / Rock catchments)
This video shows how to use natural depressions in rocks for harvesting rainwater. Construction of...
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Rock on to the newest video Green Media Creations produces promoting water conservation. The video examines how conserving water can actually change your mind set. Water conservation, like any other form or environmental endeavor, can make you see things a bit clearer. When you look at the entire water conservation movement, it is no longer something for long-haired anti-establishment types. It has jumped into the pop culture. What used to be a tribal scream for some individuals is now something children are learning about in school. The movement has now gone viral throughout the world. In some cases, United States is lagging in implementation of procedures that will produce water conserving results.

More info: www.greenmediacreations.com
Produced by: greenmedia creations
Year: 2012
Language: English



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