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Created on 07 September 2009
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Mythri Sarva Seva Samithi, Gram Panchayat, WASTE and the farmers have implemented 9 UDDT toilets in Nagasandra village in the year 2008 . On the 1st of September, 2009 the first composting/dessicating chamber was opened in the presence of the village leaders and farmers. The compost had no smell was excellently composted/dessicated and has been picked up for pathogen and nutrient analysis. In the same village the Arghyam- GKVK Centre of Excellence on productive sanitation runs a farmers field trial. The latest experiment has been on Ash gourd and this too has shown excellent results with human urine application in 3 split doses. Productive sanitation has a bright future if executed properly.

More info: www.rainwaterclub.org
Produced by: zenrainman
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