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Drinking water gets polluted- Part 1

Created on 06 February 2013
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For centuries, people living in South Asia had been drawing their water from the rivers they lived beside, all of which have their beginnings in the Himalayan peaks (also known as 'the water towers of South Asia'). Melted ice from the glaciers and snow lakes flows down the mountains in overground and underground streams, eventually forming the major river systems of Nepal, North India and Bangladesh. Ten or 15 years later, however, they began turning up at their doctors' surgeries with some worrying symptoms.

Sai Bhaskar Reddy Nakka is an Environment and Development professional currently working as CEO of Geoecology Energy Organisation (GEO). One of Bashar´s area of contribution is on "Biochar" - using charcoal produced from biomass for good. He introduced Biocharfor the first time in India, presently he is focussed on climate change, environment, good stoves, biochar production, water for irrigation and drinking, sustainable livelihoods, disaster mitigation, food security, energy, vulnerability and adaptation, and development areas.

In this video about “poisoned water” in Hyderabad, India (part- 1 & 2), Sai Bhaskar is interviewed in a popular local Television - TV9.


More info: http://www.freetv9.com
Produced by: tv9
Year: 2013
Language: Teleugu




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