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Created on 06 August 2013
Artificial wetlands to treat wastewater in Egypt
(Media / Artificial wetlands to treat wastewater in Egypt)
The Lake Manzala Engineered Wetland Project investigated the suitability of using artificial...
Environmentally friendly wastewater treatment
(Media / Environmentally friendly wastewater treatment)
Full title: Environmentally friendly wastewater treatment plant in Linge/Mithuania. The Global...
Water is life - sanitation is dignity
(Media / Water is life - sanitation is dignity)
Only one in ten households in Burkina Faso has an appropriate latrine. Sources of drinking water...
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"Wastewater" (El derroche del agua) is part of a series of 8 mime pieces created by Spanish actor Carlos Martínez for the AguaViva Pavilion, Expo Zaragoza 2008, on "Water and Sustainable Development". The urgency and universal nature of the topic prompted the actor to continue developing the clips into a show called "Mirage" as a contribution to the UN Water for Life Decade and in honor of his 30th Stage Anniversary.

More info: http://www.carlosmartinez.es/#/en/shows/mirage/
Produced by: Ronam Bonfim
Year: 2013 Language: Visual
Region: Spain, Global



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