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Prioritising between water supply and sanitation - S. Vishwanath

Created on 13 June 2014
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Small towns in India often are underserved in their water supply quality and quantity and a priority for them is to improve and augment water supply. At the same time sanitation and sewerage systems to properly manage human wastes are also lacking and demand attention. S. Vishwanath of Arghyam and Biome Solutions proposes some rules to help prioritize investments. The key parts are where the drinking water is coming from and the depth of the groundwater table. If the groundwater table is very deep and/or groundwater is not used as a source of water, that means that groundwater contamination may not be a big concern, and the first priority could be given to water supply rather than sewerage. If the water table is shallow and is being used for drinking, it is critical then to prioritize sewerage systems to avoid water quality problems. In either case, toilets (community or household) are a high priority.

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