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Gender Research Fellowship Programme

Created on 18 November 2014
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Bioversity International coordinates a Gender Research Fellowship Programme to study differences in women’s and men's knowledge of trees and forests, access to forest resources, and tree management practices.

In an effort to integrate gender considerations within its research on forest genetic resources, in 2013 Bioversity International's Forest Genetic Resources Programme launched a Gender Research Fellowship Programme (GRFP) that brought together five Fellows and national partners from low to middle-income countries.

This video outlines the advantages of the fellowship programme approach as opposed to individual fellowships bringing in the perspective of one of the fellows.

More info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Psq-vb7WvCY#t=25

Produced by: Biodiversity International and CGIAR

Year: 2014

Language: English

Region: N/A



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