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Created on 06 May 2010
UNICEF and ECHO bring clean water to Sudan's villa
(Media / UNICEF and ECHO bring clean water to Sudan's villa)
For people living in the Nuba Mountains of South Kordofan, central Sudan, getting enough clean...
Mountains in the Mist
(Media / Mountains in the Mist)
Cloud forests are very rare ecosystems, only 2% of the world's tropical forests are cloud forests....
CSIR Getting to grips with groundwater
(Media / CSIR Getting to grips with groundwater)
The CSIR studied the Cape's Table Mountain Group aquifer in an attempt to understand how it...
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Les mini films d'animation de Mountain-riders avec les hilarants Billy et Willy, exemple et contre-exemple de l'attitude à adopter pour préserver l'eau en montagne et au quotidien!

Mountain-riders animated mini movies with the hilarious characters Billy and Willy. They show examples and counter-examples on how to conserve water in the mountains and in their daily life!

More info: www.mountain-riders.org
Published by: Mountain-riders
Language: French



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