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Infrastructure monitoring and failure analysis by InSAR

Created on 14 January 2015
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We offer a remote sensing system based on InSAR, that helps to identify the exact location of deformation on dams, levees, dikes, railroads, bridges, storage tanks. In a single view, the manager can determine where inspection and possibly maintenance – is most urgently required.

With the QuickScan product, you can see local deformation retrospectively, to provide a longer term view of failure mechanisms. For many areas, we can assess historic millimeter scale motions that have taken place over the last 18 years. Reporting and results are accessible through our web service or off-line. With these insights, the infrastructure manager can better plan inspection and maintenance.

More info: http://hansjebrinker.com/en 
Produced by: Hansje Brinker B.V.
Year: 2012
Language: Dutch
Region: The Netherlands



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