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Bridging Waters 2: Building Tomorrow (SADC-WS)

Created on 21 January 2015
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Floods and droughts affect more people than any other type of natural disaster in Southern Africa, and jointly are more costly. Predictions for the region point to a warmer climate, with increased variability, which will intensify the risk, and magnitude, of both floods and droughts in most areas… Something must be done!

Join us as we travel to Tsetsebjwe in arid Botswana where the community is proactively tackling drought, explore the floodplains of the Namibia’s Zambezi region where cutting edge early warning systems are helping evacuate communities ahead of devastation, and get to know the Water Warriors of Emfuleni in South Africa who are tackling water wastage head on.

More info: www.bridgingwaters.com
Produced by: FOP films for SADC
Language: English subtitles
Year: 2014
Region: Southern Africa



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