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Modern Irrigation To Conserve Water

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Created on 03 March 2015
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This is an episode of a series of episodes for a radio show called ‘Flood Streams’. The show talks about different water-related topics aiming to spread awareness, and consists of multiple dialogues discussing the topic of the broadcasted episode, including interviewing youth (to measure their water knowledge), experts and people from the field; introducing the issue in an acting performance; interposing explanations and definitions between the show’s sections; sharing farmers’ experiences; and finally opening for a discussion inside the studio while hosting different stakeholders.

In this episode, episode 1, Modern irrigation is discussed to emphasize its importance in the water conservation process in one of the most water scarce countries worldwide. Modern irrigation systems are explained along with their techniques, benefits, true-life motives for using the method and their gains. Some good examples and results attained by locals are also presented. In the meantime, the water situation is triggering a change from traditional irrigation systems, which Yemenis have always dealt with in their agricultural-dependent country for centuries, to modern irrigation systems and techniques to conserve the remaining water in the land.

More info: spate-irrigation, arizona
Produced by: Water and Environment Center (WEC)
Year: 2014
Language: Arabic
Region: Middle East



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