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Created on 14 April 2015
Safe Water in Sri Lanka
(Media / Safe Water in Sri Lanka)
UNICEF, along with the European Community Humanitarian Aid Department, and other partners, is...
UNICEF and ECHO bring clean water to Sudan's villa
(Media / UNICEF and ECHO bring clean water to Sudan's villa)
For people living in the Nuba Mountains of South Kordofan, central Sudan, getting enough clean...
Water is life - sanitation is dignity
(Media / Water is life - sanitation is dignity)
Only one in ten households in Burkina Faso has an appropriate latrine. Sources of drinking water...
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This video shows arid areas in some parts of Yemen where public services are poor. This lack of attention prohibited the locals there from living properly as of what a 21st century's citizen should do. What can’t be neglected is the spread diseases due to the polluted and yet far away wells there, and the non-existence of restrooms nor public toilets . Therefore, a project was implemented there by CARE International to provide the locals with good living standards and basic services that they deserve as humans.

More information:

Produced by: CARE International – Yemen (implementer), Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany (MOFA) (donor)
Year: 2015
Language: Arabic (English Subtitles)
Region: Middle East



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