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Windows of Hope (Sudan)

Created on 17 August 2015
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The Abbay/Blue Nile sub basin of Eastern Nile is a critical lifeline to the downstream economies of Sudan and Egypt, watering vast irrigated agriculture schemes; generating clean Hydropower energy; etc. There is however an equally important role of the Nile i.e. being an equally critical lifeline to the unique ecosystems, biosphere and wetland of the region. Sudan is home to the ca. 10,000 square kilometer Dinder National Park, perhaps the oldest in Africa and UNESCO World Heritage Biosphere and a Ramsar Site, hosting a huge diversity of life forms including fish, a range of large and small mammals, birds, primates. Adjacent and contiguous to the Dinder Park is the Alitash National Park of Ethiopia. These parks are now being increasingly threatened due to high population growth and poverty driven ecosystem and land degradation.

The Eastern Nile Watershed Management Project, which is community based and participatory, has been working to address these issues by working on both the livelihood and ecosystem/natural resource restoration dimensions, piloting innovative sets of interventions. This film documents the exper

More info: www.nilebasin.org/newentro 
Produced by: Eastern Nile Watershed Management Project
Year: 2015 
Language: Various
Region: Sudan, East Africa




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