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Webinar: Squeeze an orange, but don't squeeze the deltas please!

Created on 12 October 2015
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With increasing pressure from population growth, urbanization, industrialization and a changing climate, it is more important than ever that Deltas, with valuable and vulnerable locations increase their resilience to changing conditions. This webinar focuses on knowledge sharing on coastal area's specifically.

"Coastal squeeze" is a disease that has caused serious trouble along most coasts around our world. Massive urbanisation and occupation of the land-water transition has caused an enormous stress on the land-water ecosystems. These ecosystems have been deprived of their capacity to absorb the impact of extreme events and their resilience. This does refer to many of our natural land-water transitions, beach and dune systems, salt marsh systems, mangrove systems etc. Besides squeeze we have depleted our sediment sources in rivers, causing sediment source reductions that are unprecedented. Where many references do not yet acknowledge that most deltas are retreating, this is reality. And, this is NOT due to climate change alone, in fact mostly this is due to ground water extraction. This is politically a non-welcome message, but it is the truth. 

More info: http://www.delta-alliance.org/
Produced by: Delta Alliance , TheWaterChannel
Year: 2015
Language: English
Region: Global




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