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Why are some boreholes better than others?

Created on 13 October 2016
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Pump failure can be caused by poor quality borehole design or construction. Meet Henry the handpump mechanic as he learns about the basics of good of borehole siting, design, construction and well development. Find out about casing and screen, gravel pack, and the sanitary seal and see that silting is one reason that boreholes fail. To learn more about borehole design and construction, download Developing Groundwater, which is available for free on the Practical Action website (developmentbookshelf.com/doi/book/10.3362/9781780441290)

More info: Practical Action - developmentbookshelf.com/doi/book/10.3362/9781780441290)
Published by: Practical Action
Year: 2016
Language: English
Region: global



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