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Sauberes wasser für ein besseres leben

Created on 16 August 2010
Trinkwasser geschenk des Himmels
(Media / Trinkwasser geschenk des Himmels)
This animation (in German) gives a birds-eye of the groundwater as a paramount source of drinking...
Bruggen en Bommen (Bridges and Bombs)
(Media / Bruggen en Bommen (Bridges and Bombs))
Deventer is richly endowed with bridges over the river IJssel (situated on its east bank). The...
England Under Water (1958)
(Media / England Under Water (1958))
News fragment from 1958. It shows a flooded Market Harborough in Leicestershire, England. Luckily...
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Obtaining drinking water is a great problem for many people living in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso. Many wells are polluted; public water sources are usually far awar, and mobile water sellers charge high prices. Setting up further public taps and water connections will give residents access to safe drinking water and thus lay the foundations for better health.

More info: www.bmz.de 
Produced by: BMZ in cooperation with KfW, GTZ, DED, InWEnt
Year: 2008
Language: German, also available in English



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