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Dam999 (3D): Trailer

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Created on 21 January 2011
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DAM999 is a tribute to the 1975 Banqiao Dam disaster in China that claimed 250,000 innocent lives.

After many years two mariners return to homeland with the hope of a new beginning,little did they know about a disaster that would change their destiny.

The story revolves around nine characters portraying nine variants of emotion (Navarasa) and an obsolete dam. Each character holds a dam of emotions which eventually explodes along with the collapse of the mammoth edifice, replicating the worst man-made disaster witnessed in history. The question of survival rises!

Directed by Sohan Roy, a Mariner, the film showcases the beauty of the maritime world and will soon be released worldwide in 3D.

More info: Movie Website, Movie Blog
Produced by: Biz Television Network  
Year: 2011 (Upcoming)  
Language: English



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