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Created on 06 March 2009
Water Voices - Walking for Water, India
(Media / Water Voices - Walking for Water, India)
During a three-year drought, women from the arid rural areas in Gujarat, India were spending at...
Water Voices - Hidden Paradise, Philippines
(Media / Water Voices - Hidden Paradise, Philippines)
To the eye, Hidden Paradise in the city of Bacolod, Philippines is starkly different from other...
Water voices - The Connection, Cambodia
(Media / Water voices - The Connection, Cambodia)
Long years of war and civil strife left Phnom Penh's water supply system in ruins. An estimated...
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This film shows the sustainable experience of four communities  in establishing drinking water supply and simplified sewerage systems in the peri-urban area of Santiago de Cali, Colombia. It gives some evidences about the importance of developing this kind of projects involving communities with a gender approach.

More info: www.genderandwater.org and cinara.univalle.edu.co
Produced by: Cinara, Universidad del Valle / GWA
Year: 2005 
Language: English (also available in Spanish)



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