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Small scale Gold Mining in the Amazon (Gomiam)

Flood Irrigation and The Spate Irrigation Network Foundation

Re-incorporating the excluded (Reincorfish)

Sri Lanka Embracing Agro-Ecology

Webinar: Squeeze an orange, but don't squeeze the deltas please!

Tanzania's Water Crisis

Monitoring Himalayan Glaciers - Documentary

Groundwater in the Political Domain: Roundup

Grafting of Jujube Tree

Groundwater is Cool

The Future of food

Groundwater Careers

About VIA Water - animated

Bangladesh: Breached Embankments

Multi-year Arctic sea ice 2014

Oro Verde - Fair trade Gold in Choco Colombia

Farmers Speak: Orange Sweet Potato

#ClimateIsWater Episode 3 - Usman Mirza

Managing Microclimates

earthrise - Dutch Aquatecture: Engineering a Future on the Water

Spate Irrigation in Somaliland

#ClimateIsWater Episode 1 - Brad Udall

Open Data: Nagaraja Rao Harshadeep: 2015 Social Good Summiit

What can satellite data do for aquaculture?

Harvesting Road Runoff to Recharge Groundwater

Climate change adaptation in Bali

#ClimateIsWater Episode 4 - Daniel Murdiyarso

Mega Irrigation Schemes

End the Cycle

Studying their springs

Operation Cat Drop

Global Hydrological Model eWaterCycle

In the subsurface (Dutch)

Ethiopia: Transforming Landscapes