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March 11, 2016

Atif Kubursi, McMaster University (Canada)
Vessela Monta, International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance-IRHA

Water harvesting is often a field-level or landscape-level activity. Its effects are most commonly expressed in terms of ecological benefits, agricultural output, and farm incomes. Less discussed are its relationships with indicators that define the wider economy such as employment, jobs, growth, etc.-- beyond agriculture. 

Articulating this relationship is important-- to determining the larger-scale impact of water harvesting, to justifying investments, and to scaling it up. This is especially true for water-scarce regions of the world, like the Near East & North Africa (NENA). And especially relevant in the run up to World Water Day 2016, with ‘Water and Jobs- Transforming People’s Lives’ as its thematic focus. 

In this webinar, Vessela Monta (Executive Director, International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance) and Atif Kubursi (McMaster University) discussed these relationships and their prospects in the NENA region. 


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