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June 03, 2020: Introduction to Monitoring Water Productivity


Date and Time

  • June 03 2020
  • 12:00 noon -1330 PM Central European Summer Time (Click here to check your local timings) (Add to calendar)


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Water productivity as indicator of crop performance vis-à-vis consumptive use has been around for several decades. In recent years, the Netherlands has lead efforts to institutionalise this indicator as a means to address crop productivity and water utilization, i.e., what each crop is doing with one cubic metre of water (kg/m3). However, water productivity goes beyond biophysical parameters of crop yield. It is also how much money is earned per cubic metre and the amount of jobs and livelihoods the crop production actually sustains. This socio-economic water productivity can be measured by the amount of dollars per cubic metre ($/m3) or the amount of jobs per cubic metre (jobs/m3).

In this Masterclass, we want to (re)introduce the concept of water productivity as indicator and explain the basic means to monitor water productivity in practice. It will provide attendees with a step-by-step approach on how to monitor water productivity, identify challenges, and generate solutions for their own projects. Monitoring at different spatial scales will also be discussed (including at crop level, by irrigation scheme, and in river basins) as well as considerations for both irrigated and rainfed systems. The topics touched upon in this introdution webinar will be covered in greater detail in the rest of the Masterclass series, and we encourage attendees to participate in all of the webinars.

Topics include:

  • Using water productivity as an indicator for agricultural output and water use
  • Monitoring water productivity at different spatial scales
  • Monitoring biopysical indicators using WaPOR (including a case study in Mozambique)
  • Monitoring socio-economic indicators of water productivity


Upcoming Masterclasses in the Series:

  • June 10 & 17,2020: Monitoring Water Productivity using WaPOR
  • June 24, 2020: Water Productivity & Sugar Cane Production
  • July 01, 2020: Socio-economic Water Productivity
  • July 08, 2020: Monitoring Water Productivity using Aqua Crop

(More information on the upcoming webinars coming soon)

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