masterclass: Fog collection for water management and sustainable forestry

Online One Day Masterclass: Fog collection for water management and sustainable forestry (February 15, 2019)

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Fog is the sole source of water for many communities and ecosystems in arid areas of the planet. Research has shown that fog collection, and fog-forest interaction management is a viable way to fight drought, combat land degradation and overcome climate change in such arid areas.

But how to do this practically? How to build a fog collection unit? Where best? How to manage it? How to link it with the restoration of arid landscapes? We need to upscale the full potential of these technologies at an operational level.

MetaMeta, the Water Harvesting Lab of University of Florence, and the Centre for Microclimate Management offer a free online Masterclass to explain the strategies and practicalities of fog collection on February 15, 2019. The Masterclass consists of four  sessions, spread over a single day.

A certificate will be provided by the Water Harvesting Lab of Università degli Studi di Firenze to those attending the full master class.

Session Recordings


1. Introduction to fog water collection 

Elena Bresci, Fabio Salbitano, Giulio Castelli, Water Harvesting Lab

2. How to set up a fog project

Nicolas Zanetta, technical expert and practitioner from FogQuest

3. Fog collection systems and atmospheric phenomena

Giorgia dall’Osteria, UNESCO Chair in Engineering for Human and Sustainable Development, University of Trento

Where do advection fogs occur in the world? How are linked to macro- and meso- climate, and where we can expect to collect fog water? Ms. dall’Osteria, young expert from the University of Trento discusses this.

4. Social Impact of fog collection

Dr. Jamila Bargach, Anthropologist, Executive Director, Dar Si Hmad Association

Fog collection can support local communities around the World. The Moroccan NGO Dar Si Hmad, running the largest Fog Collection Project in the World, presents its outstanding results in terms of social impact.


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