(September-November 2020) ICOMOS Webinar Series: Cultural heritage solutions for water challenges

ICOMOS, acronym of International Council on Monuments and Sites, is an international non-governmental organisation of heritage professionals engaged in the conservation of places of cultural value and dedicated to the conservation of the world’s historic monuments and sites. ICOMOS was founded in 1965 following the adoption of the International Charter for the Conservation and Restoration of Monuments and Sites – generally referred to as The Venice Charter (1964).

The overall aim of the webinar series is to inform water professionals and heritage experts about the Water and Heritage initiative and its activities that aim at recognition by water managers that water related heritage can contribute significantly toward water challenges. The specific objective of the webinars is to encourage national working groups to be initiated with the longer-term objective to mobilize support to have Water and Heritage discussed at the UN International Water conference to be held in New York in 2023, see the Chair’s Statement of the symposium ‘Water and Culture’ held on February 3 in Tokyo.

Webinar 3: Telling examples and assessment methodologies

November 17, 2020 :: 1200-1345 Central European Time (Click here to check your local timings)
Speakers & Sessions:
  • Opening and Welcome: Henk van Schaik (Ambassador, Water & Heritage, ICOMOS Netherlands)
  • The International Scientific Committee on Water & Heritage (ISCWH): Ian Travers (ICOMOS Australia; Chair, ISCWH Task Force)
  • The World Water Forum: Sergio Riberio, CIRAT
  • Examples of water-related heritage for water management challenges of today and tomorrow: Sunite Yu, TIIWE, Taiwan
  • Significance of the ancient Spate Irrigation systems for contemporary water challenges:  Karim Nawaz, MetaMeta
  • Water Heritage Management as Asset Management: Maarten Ouboter, WaterNet Amsterdam
  • UNESCO’s Historic Urban Landscape Methodology as applied in India:  Nupur Prothi Khanna (ICOMOS India)
  • Hydrobiography: Hans Bleumink
  • The concept of ‘Drinkable Rivers’: Li An Phoa, Drinkable Rivers
  • Discussion: Cases and Methodologies
  • Conclusions and Next Steps
How to attend:
  • The webinar will be organised using Zoom. Register here to get the Zoom link . Deadline for registration: November 16, 2020. 


Webinar 1: Water & Heritage- Explained (Past)

September 16, 2020 ::  (Click here to watch recording of presentations)
Speakers & Sessions:
  • Introduction: The Water and Heritage Initiative as a bridge between Water Management and Cultural Heritage: Sir Diederik Six (former President and Water and Heritage Envoy, ICOMOS Netherlands)
  • [Film: Protecting Deltas- Heritage Helps]
  • Growing International Interest in Water and Heritage:  Henk van Schaik (Water and Heritage Envoy, ICOMOS Netherlands)
  • The International Scientific Committee on Water & Heritage (ISCWH): Ian Travers (ICOMOS Australia; Chair, ISCWH Task Force) and Tino Mager (Vice Chair, ISCWH Task Force)
  • Water & Heritage: Research issues and challengesCarola Hein (Technical University Delft)
  • Discussions: 
    • Disseminating Water and Heritage in various publications: Toshiyuki Kono (ICOMOS Japan), Meisha Hunter (ICOMOS USA), Nupur Prothi Khanna (ICOMOS India)
    • Attracting heritage experts and water professionals towards collaborative working
    • (Relationships between ISCWH and other ICOMOS International Scientific Committees) Steve Brown


Webinar 2: Cooperation between the Water and Cultural Heritage sectors (Past)

October 14, 2020 :: 1200-1330 Central European Summer Time (Click here to to re-watch presentations)
Speakers & Sessions:
  • Opening and Wellcome: Henk van Schaik (Ambassador, Water & Heritage, ICOMOS Netherlands)
  • Introduction: The International Scientific Committee on Water & Heritage (ISCWH): Ian Travers (ICOMOS Australia; Chair, ISCWH Task Force) and Tino Mager (Vice Chair, ISCWH Task Force)
  • The World Water Heritage Systems (WWHS) programme of the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID): Ashwin Pandya, Secretary General, ICID
  • Specialist Group on Water and Wastewater Systems in Ancient Civilzations: Ioannis Kalavrouziotis, International Water Association (IWA)
  • The RAMSAR Culture Network: Dave Pritchard, RAMSAR
  • Unveiling Venice’s waterscape heritage. From the ‘digital and extended’ waterways museum to UNESCO-IHP’s Global Network of Water Museums: Eriberto Eulisse (Executive Director, Global Network of Water Museums- a UNESCO-IHP flagship initiaitive)
  • Water as the commons: indigenous peoples’ values and practices: Barbara van Koppen, Emeritus Scientist, IWMI-South Africa
  • CIRAT – Centro Internacional de Água e Transdisciplinaridade: Sergio Riberio, CIRAT
  • Discussion:
    • Raising Water and Cultural Heritage on the international water agenda
    • Developing a research agenda for Water and Cultural Heritage


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