SWAR: Irrigation at the roots

SWAR: Irrigation at the roots

SWAR stands for System of Water for Agricultural Rejuvenation. The system shifts the process of irrigation from application of water at the surface, to gradual application of moisture ay the plant root zone. This enables economy in use of irrigation water, and helps create a soil ecosystem that nurtures micro-organisms which make soil fertile.

Swar involves storing of water in overhead tanks and sending it through a small diameter pipe to a customised locally-made clay pot that is buried near the root area. The clay pot contains micro-tubes that transmit water through a sand pouch, to prevent the roots from invading the pipes and the pot. The slow oozing of water provides moisture for a prolonged period, the level of which is calculated based on soil type, plant species and its age.

SWAR was developed in India’s southeastern Telangana/Andhra Pradesh region. The drought-prone, semi-arid region is marked by poor irrigation availability coupled with degrading quality of natural resources.

Apart from agricultural fields, SWAR has found application in agroforestry and large-scale roadside tree-planting campaigns.


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