Webinar 28th March: One Health Approach: Going beyond the basics in the WASH sector

One Health Approach: Going beyond the basics in the WASH sector

Time: March 28th 2024, 10:00-11:00 AM Amsterdam (CET/Europe)

Format: Online via Zoom. The webinar is open to all, you will receive an invitation and zoom link in due time.

Registration: via this registration form.

About the webinar

The “One Hygiene Approach” extends beyond traditional WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) principles to encompass broader aspects of hygiene, including laundry, bathroom hygiene, and waste management, particularly addressing the challenges posed by rodents.

Water plays a pivotal role in this approach as a critical resource for maintaining hygiene standards. However, current practices often fall short, posing significant threats to community hygiene, with women bearing a disproportionate burden. Inadequate water access and sanitation facilities can exacerbate hygiene challenges, especially for women who often bear the responsibility for household cleanliness. Insufficient access to clean water for laundry and bathing compromises personal hygiene, leading to health risks. Moreover, poor waste management practices attract rodents, further compromising hygiene standards. Rodents not only spread diseases but also contaminate water sources and food supplies, heightening health risks within communities.
Drawing insights from real-life stories, our webinar will delve into the exhausting and time-consuming nature of laundry tasks, the risks associated with current ways of washing clothes, taking bath and waste management, and the socioeconomic impact on individuals and communities. Through these narratives, we aim to highlight the urgency of addressing these challenges and exploring sustainable solutions prioritizing hygiene and community empowerment.

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March 15, 2024  
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