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Uganda: The challenges of getting WaSH on the Media Agenda


Webinar by Fredrick Mugira (Journalist in Uganda)

Water and sanitation issues take little portion of Africa’s media. Evidently, the African media has chosen to focus, instead, on political and sports stories. Even though coverage of water and sanitation issues on the continent has increased over the last decade, vital and well investigated stories on several water and sanitation issues such as water financing and integrity remain inadequate in the African media. Again, for some of the media houses on the continent that try to report on these issues prefer to bury them deep inside newspapers.

So, is it true that what manifests itself, as neglected coverage of water and sanitation issues on the continent is a silent rejection of journalists to style up when it comes to reporting on these issues? Are there some journalists in Africa who are defying media preferences, and are addressing the topics of water and sanitation? What challenges do such journalists face? Why should it be anyone's business to bring water to the mainstream? What current WatSan stories need to be reported most urgently? Why are efforts to promote WASH issues on the continent given little attention? These are some of questions that Fredrick Mugira answers in his webinar.

About Fredrick

Fredrick Mugira is a multiple award-winning journalist and development communicator with over 14 years of wide-ranging experience working in Uganda, pan-African and international media, and over five years’ experience in training of journalists. Fredrick has a Master’s Degree in Communication for Development from Malmo University in Sweden, a PGD in environmental Journalism and communication and a BA Mass Communication. He has also undertaken a Media Ethics Leadership Fellowship offered by the USA-based Center for International Media Ethics. In 2009, he won a CNN/Multichoice African Journalist of the year award and in 2013 he won a UN Development Journalism Award.

Fredrick heads Water Journalists Africa- a network of journalists in Africa who report on water and sanitation. For the last three years, he has worked as The Water Channel ambassador. Fredrick is also a member of the Advisory Board for Integrity and Transparency in Water Stewardship Partnerships project being implemented by the UN Global Compact CEO Water Mandate (Mandate) and the Water Integrity Network (WIN).


More info: Water Journalists Africa
Produced by: TheWaterChannel
Year: 2014
Language: English
Region: Africa

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This webinar is part of the series "Water in the newsroom" that brings together journalists and water professionals. The series aims to create conversations about water in the mainstream media. Would you like to join the conversation? Send us an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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