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Here's a roundup of recent news and analysis related to groundwater:



Quality not quantity is the greatest threat to Asia's most important source of groundwater

Scientists from the British Geological Survey (BGS) have published a new paper in Nature Geoscience mapping out the quantity and quality of the world’s most important aquifer.

For several years satellite measurements have found that groundwater levels are generally declining across the region as groundwater abstraction for agriculture increases. However, this current study, published online this week in Nature Geoscience, looked in much closer detail at how groundwater quality and quantity varies and found that the greatest threat to groundwater in the region is more likely to be from water quality problems than widespread depletion. The BGS led study, funded by the Department for International Development (DFID), reveals that over 60% of the accessible groundwater is no longer drinkable or usable for irrigation due to high concentrations of arsenic or salt.

Nature geoscience, August 29, 2016. Read full story >>

Why global water shortages pos threat of terror and war (The Guardian, February 2014)

India looks to swap 26 million groundwater pumps to solar energy (Bloomberg, February 2014)

"Some 1.6 million properties across Britain are now at risk of groundwater flooding and there's no end in sight" (SKY News, February 2014)

Court-supervised groundwater management best (Paso Robles Daily News, February 2014)

Stanislaus farmers sued over environmental concerns about groundwater wells (Modbee.com, Februray 2014)

At Kaladera farmers battle beverage giant (The Hindu, January 2014)

Cancer-causing chemical found in Sandston groundwater (CBS 6 WTVR.com, January, 2014) 

Drinking water sources could benefit from 1,4-Dioxane treatment technology (Water World, January 2014)

The Greenland Ice Sheet Holds an Unusual Aquifer (University of Utah news Center, December 2013)

Oldest Large Body of Ancient Seawater Identified under Chesapeake Bay (USGS, November 2013) 

Kenyan giant aquifer highlights groundwater's critical role (National Geographic, October 2013) 

Arsenic contamination found in Vietnam's water: study (Australia Network News, October 2013)

TNO to develop groundwater treatment for fluoride-free drinking water in Mara, Tanzania (Dutch Water Sector, July 2013) 

TEPCO admits radioactive groundwater is leaking into the sea at Fukushima (Japan Daily Press, July 2013)