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Participatory Forest Management: Experiences from Ethiopia

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Created on 26 July 2011
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In many parts of the world, forest management has undergone much change since the 1990s. Earlier, decision-making used to be done by authorities and forest management was protection oriented. Communities living in and around forests were expected to carry out conservation and related responsibilities, without defined benefits they could draw from them. Consequently, they started seeing forests as their enemy rather than an asset. This meant that most forest management efforts remained unsuccessful.

In the early ‘90s, Participatory Forest Management (PFM) emerged as an alternate model. The approach rested on sharing responsibilities and benefits between communities and forest authorities. It aimed to secure the communities’ ownership/ legal use rights.

In Ethiopia, this approach has been adopted in the Non-Timber Forest Products-PFM project. While the full effects of the project will come to fore over a longer period of time, some positive signs are already evident. There is greater community participation, with which a much larger forest area is now being managed than five years ago. In this presentation, Elias Kasahun from Ethio Wetlands and Water Resources Institute elaborates on what went into the project, and what challenges lie ahead.

More info: http://wetlands.hud.ac.uk/forests/ntfp_pfm/progress.htm
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Year: 2012
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