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Created on 03 February 2012
Making Networks Work
(Media / Making Networks Work)
Water Resource Management is a multi-faceted, multi-disciplinary undertaking. It has to do with a...
Blue Gold : World Water Wars
(Media / Blue Gold : World Water Wars)
Wars of the future will be fought over water, not oil. There have indeed been many films made...
Tracing the Journey of a Drinking Water Drop -6
(Media / Tracing the Journey of a Drinking Water Drop -6)
How many of us know where our drinking water comes from? And how much does our perception match...
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Developing the physical and social infrastructure of the Upper Mandrare River Basin area was as important to the project's success as irrigation and cropping techniques. In order to implement sustainanble change at a grass roots level, local people needed to improve their health, literacy and general education with the hlp of the projects's social facilitators and Communication Unit. 

More info: PHBM Project
Produced by: IFAD
Year: 2010
Language: French



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