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IRRI: rice science for a better world

Created on 08 February 2012
Bunds in Pakistan
(Media / Bunds in Pakistan)
Discussion among farmers on how to build bunds in a spate irrigation system, Pakistan More info:...
Tears ( Lagrimas )
(Media / Tears ( Lagrimas ))
Short movie. A last drop, a last memory lost in the eyes of a girl. Selected for the spot showing...
Safe Water in Sri Lanka
(Media / Safe Water in Sri Lanka)
UNICEF, along with the European Community Humanitarian Aid Department, and other partners, is...
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People depend on rice for food and employment. These people are the poorest of the poor. They earn less than a dollar a day. Rice is life for millions of the world's poor. Have you ever wondered how people grow rice? 

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Produced by: IRRI
Year: 2009
Language: English 



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