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Does it Ever rain at this time

Created on 12 March 2012
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"Does it ever rain at this time?!" is a poignant, short film that captures the story of the after-effects of unexpected and unusually heavy rain that devastated crops in Akole region of Ahmednagar district in Maharashtra. It shows the devastating, downward spiral which the farmers got sucked into, due to a series of unexpected monsoon events. The late monsoon rains of 2010 started only in November, made farmers decide to try to still plant their crop for that season. This provided a delay of the planting of the bajra and groundnut crops for the dry season. Early monsoon rains in 2011 made that those crops failed to ripe, and allmost the harvest was either lost or of poor quality. Impacts of this cropping failure were a lower protein availability in the diet, a lower feedstock for the livestock, and a low financial return of the poor crop on the local market.    

More info: http://www.wotr.org/
Produced by: WOTR
Year: 2012
Language: English, Hindi





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