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Re-building livelihoods

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Created on 21 March 2012
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The continuous process of land erioson and sedimentation is characteristic for the coastal zone of Bangladesh. Through climate change, erosion and sedimentation rates, as well as the sites of erosion and sedimentation, change continuously. The new land created by sedimentation proccesses, called chars, is not no-ones land, but subordinate to ancestral claims, the state, patrons or the land less. Bangladesh government adopted a pro-poor land-law, in which land-less livelihoods are provided priority in the land allocation process of the new created chars. This video highlights the challenges this land-less people are confronted with, to make this land their new homestead. These people were assisted doing so, during the Char Development and Settlement Project III.

More info: http://www.cdsp.org.bd/
Produced by: MEDIA LINK
Year: 2011
Language: English, Bangla



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