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Anorthite Use in Grass Production

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Created on 03 April 2012
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Biological dairy farmer Mr. Hengel, uses Norwegian rock dust (Anorthite, added with Nepheline and Manganese) to replenish soil nutrients and minerals on his farm. Mr. Hengel explains: “a lot of calcium and other minerals leave my farm, through milk and meat production. The stonemeal, mixed with compost, restores the calcium-magnesium ratio in the soil, and provide better fodder for the cows, and a finally a better product for the consumers”. The trial on his farm is being run by Arcadis, a Dutch engineering company.

Bert Carpay and Huig Bergsma (both Arcadis) explain the benefits of this type of stonemeal: (1) the stonemeal requires less energy for production, transportation and application on the land, as compared to chemical fertilizers; (2) it is more effective, as the stonemeal is solid and does not leach, in contrast to a lot of soluble agricultural salts which easily leach; and (3)  this stonemeal type sequesters CO2, while lime and other agricultural salts release additional greenhouse gasses (CO2, N2) due to fierce reactions in the soil. Probably the trial may lead to further scaling up of this practice.

More info: www.arcadis.nl; www.provincie-utrecht.nl
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