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Zimbabwe's Land Reform: Voices from the Field (Part 6)

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Created on 04 December 2012
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Based on 10 years of research in Masvingo province and reported in the book, Zimbabwe's Land Reform: Myths and Realities, this series of 8 videos shows the experiences of some of the farmers who gained land following Zimbabwe's controversial land reform from 2000. These voices from the field demonstrate that there have been some successes, and that land reform has not been the disaster that is sometimes reported.

In the sixth part, Mrs. J. Musiiwa, a young entrepreneurial farmer, talks about how she has been able to do well for herself through ‘market gardening.’ She uses this term to mean growing crops like sweet potatoes, groundnuts and beans that are high-value crops in the local markets and also find demand in South Africa.

Mrs. Musiiwa got land for her garden when President Robert Mugabe began his fast-track land reforms. “We came here on 2000, when the land became available to everyone,” she says.

More info: http://zimbabweland.net
Produced by: Blasio Mavedzenge, Felix Murimbarimba, Ian Scoones
Year: 2011
Language: English



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