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Flood Defenses - Andreas Kortenhaus

Created on 04 April 2013
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Floods cause distress and damage wherever they happen and flooding from rivers, estuaries and the sea threatens many millions of people in Europe. Insurance losses from flooding have increased significantly since 1990 and flood management in Europe is changing with a move from flood protection and defence to comprehensive flood risk management.

FLOODrisk 2012 explored research advances in flood risk analysis and innovations in flood risk management practice. The conference considered all aspects of flood risk and covered the causes of floods, their impacts on people, property and the environment, and portfolios of risk management measures. FLOODrisk 2012 is also supported by the Flood Risk Management Research Consortium.

This one of a plenty presentations  on the FloodRisk 2012 congres in WTC Rotterdam The Netherlands - Flood Defences Sessions: Reliability Analysis and breach modelling of flood defenses in in an integrated risk analysis - results of the XtremRisK project.

STOWA (Dutch acronym for the Foundation for Applied Water Research) was founded in 1971. The foundation coordinates and commissions research on behalf of a large number of local water administrations. The bodies which contribute to the STOWA are the 26 water boards, the provinces and the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management.

More info:  www.floodrisk2012.net
Produced by: STOWA
Year: 2012
Language: English 
Region: The Netherlands




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