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Automatic Control of Anaerobic Treatment with B-SMART Technology.

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Created on 08 April 2013
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In this conference the discussion is about the new developments in IT & Water. These developments are very important for the further evolution of the water sector.

IT applications in the water sector cover a broad field of interest. On one hand, IT applications have the ability to integrate the water sector from a high strategic level with connections to security and energy services. on the other hand IT applications have the ability to improve the performance of a single process, or part of a process, by improving the design or control with detailed models. IT applications should lead to better water quality, lower environmental impact and more efficient management, control, monitoring and maintenance of water systems, infrastructure and water treatment processes. Due to fast communication and new ways of personal interaction with stakeholders and customers, IT applications will not only support the water sector in carrying out its primary tasks but also in its communication with customers and stakeholders.

Jorien van Geest, graduated at Delft University of Technology in the field of Biotechnology, works as a process engineer for Biothane since 2007. She worked on the design and engineering of various industrial wastewater treatment plants, supervised full scale start-ups and operation in many countries and did research and development in the field of anaerobic wastewater treatment.

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Year: 2012
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