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The Susteq Pre-paid Water System Active in Kenya

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Created on 21 October 2013
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The goal of Susteq is to facilitate sustainable water access to people around the world. Susteq’s technology allows local business and water organizations to flourish and expand their services to provide more people with clean and safe drinking water. All in a healthy, sustainable and fair economic system. The current challenge is often no sustainability and no scalability. By using water credits on a digital wallet, end users have a greater certainty of access to clean drinking water. End users pay a fair price for drinking water which ensures that money is available for maintenance and management of the water supply.

How does it work? 

A box is installed on the water supply, the so-called service hub. The enduser has a digital wallet (RFID chip) which is placed in front of the service hub. In exchange for digital water credits the end user receives several liters of water. An end user can buy digital water credits at a water kiosk. The owner of the water kiosk buys the digital water credits from the water organization via mobile payment. The back office is specially established for the water organization supplying the water. For each water point, the water organization can monitor the water supply and detect if there is a defect in the water supply, allowing the water organization to respond quickly to a malfunctioning and maintain and sustain the flow of clean drinking water. Susteq’s technology encourages local water companies and organizations in developing countries to grow. 

In this video, you can check the Susteq pre-paid water system in use at a hand pump in Kenya.


More info: www.susteq.nl

Produced by: www.susteq.nl

Year: 2013

Language: English, Swahili 

Region: Kenya



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