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The Bhungroo (Straw) - An Intervention for water logging and irrigation in saline soils

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Created on 16 May 2013
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Thanks to Biplap Paul of Naireeta Servies Pvt Ltd/Lokvikas who is working in these regions with poor farmers, we get to speak to one of the farmers in Sami who is a part of a group of farmers that own a "Bhungroo". Meaning "Straw" in Gujarati, the bhungroo is a borehole that is dug to a certain depth in these saline groundwater region so that it reaches a sandy layer between two saline aquifers. During flooding, as occurs in this region during monsoons, the Bhungroo allows the standing waters in the land to be recharged into the sandy layer. This frees up the land for a monsoon crop. During the winter season, a diesel engine run motor then pumps this same rainwater back for irrigation to allow for a winter crop. The Bhungroo is collectively owned by a group of farmers who decide upfront collectively on how the irrigation water will be used, and what crops will be grown. The intervention has enabled these farmers to grow two crops a year and has freed them from being dependent on groundwater markets. The Bhungroo has halted urban migration. How do we mobilise financing for the Bhungroo? How do we build a model of implementing Bhungroos that is financially sustainable?

More info: www.ashoka.org/fellow/biplab-paul
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Year: 2012
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