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A Budding Interest: Organic Farming - The PRASAD Project

Created on 01 November 2013
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This Progress Report video was completed for the 2013 CGI Annual Meeting. It details progress on the PRASAD Project's commitment to action, A Budding Interest: Organic Farming. In 2012, the PRASAD Project committed to addressing regional issues of environmental degradation, economic disempowerment, illiteracy, and food insecurity in the Tansa Valley of India by supporting local farmers and their families address these issues through the establishment and expansion of several programs, including the adoption of organic farming techniques. To address land degradation and soil erosion problems, the PRASAD Project will provide training in organic farming and horticulture to local farmers. They will aid in the implementation of an integrated watershed program for better, more sustainable water resource use and will implement soil conservation and tree planting programs. To address regional economic issues, the PRASAD Project will help farmers and their families access markets for their food and other agricultural outputs. The PRASAD Project, in conjunction with these activities, commits to providing a series of trainings to community residents which include literacy, vocational, environmental education, social health awareness, and sanitation and solid waste management programs. To support the long term impact and sustainability of these programs and initiatives, the PRASAD Project will conduct these trainings with the support of a number of Self-Help Groups (SHGs). Adopting a multifaceted approach recognizes that these issues are interrelated and inextricably linked.

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Year: 2013

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