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Geothermal Energy, powering Cava-El Medi Ambient

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Created on 15 November 2013
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Cava is a Spanish sparkling wine of Denominación de Origen status, it can be white or rosé and mostly produced in Catalonia.  The latest step towards production methods that respect the environment is the use of geothermal energy to generate the cold water needed for the fermentation process. In the Mediterranean countries there is a need for cold, not heat so the application of this method at the Gramona Winery has allowed them to stop using combustible fossil fuel in all the production process, which has an economic and environmental advantage for ecological and sustainable wines and cavas.

“El Medi Ambient” is a daily program directed by Xavier Duran for the TV3 information service, one of the channels of the regional “Televisió de Catalunya”. It aims to provide an informative but rigorous overview of environmental issues to a broad audience. The programs are not only about natural areas, biodiversity and archaeological remains but also innovation, economics, welfare and health, and they always try to reflect different sides of the argument.

More info: El Medi Ambient

Produced by: TV3

Language: Catalan, English subtitles

Year: 2012

Region: Catalonia



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