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Het stroomt zoals het stroomt maar blijft dat zo?

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Created on 19 April 2010
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This film describes how water from rivers flows through the Netherlands. The Dutch Ministry of Water Management together with the Water Boards tries to regulate the water flow ensuring there's neither too little nor too much water anywhere.
The viewer will visit four locations used for water distribution in the Netherlands: a bifurcation point in the Rhine, a weir in Driel, a pumping station in Zutphen, and finally the Haringvliet sluice gates. Each location has its own role in the distribution of water. The infrastructure and the ground rules are still suffice, but the capabilities have been stretched to the limits. The question is, are we still familiar with the background, the operation and the rules of our water management?

More info: www.helpdeskwater.nl & www.nederlandleeftmetwater.nl (Dutch)
Produced by: Henkemans Film Productie. Realisation: Rijkswaterstaat Waterdienst
Year: 2010
Language: Dutch with English subtitles



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